Planting and Stone Cleaning Services

May 1, 2017

Spring is here and we are now preparing for our annual planting and doing cleaning. We are offering planting and stone cleaning at the gravesite of your loved one. This program is completely optional, as a supplement to the basic perpetual care of the great state to which you are already entitled

Planting will be done at the end of May and beginning of June please be aware that when the flowers are planted they will be small and they will not grow and spread until the end of June.

We offer the following plantings for your consideration:

Flowerbed of assorted annuals, 3′ x 14″
$115 for an initial planting and ongoing maintenance

Flowerbed of assorted annuals, 6′ x 14″
$150 for initial planting and ongoing maintenance

Flowerbed of the assorted annuals, 8′ x 14″
$200 for an initial planting and ongoing maintenance

Rose Bush
$130 for purchase, planting, and first-year care and maintenance; $80 annual care and maintenance

Smaller shrub
$150 for purchase, planting, and first-year care and maintenance; $80 annual care and maintenance

Larger shrub
$170 for purchase, planting, and first-year care; $80 dollars annual care and maintenance

Please download an mail back to the Rose Hill office the order form and your payment. All related charges must be paid in full before any planting can be done Lottie Sobel in our office would be glad to answer any questions you might have.

We hope this service will meet the needs of those who have asked us for a way in which they can enhance the appearance of the area immediately adjacent to the gravesite of their loved ones.


Kaddish Recitation Service

Rose Hill Cemetery is pleased to announce the service for families whose relatives are buried at our cemetery. Going forward, we will arrange to have the Kaddish prayer recited for a deceased parent three times a day for 11 months past burial. For any other relatives,The Kaddish prayer will be recited for the requisite 30 days after burial as required by Jewish law.

The Kaddish prayer is the short prayer in which we praise G-d for his special relationship with both the living and the dead. The recitation of the Kaddish lifts the soul of the departed closer to the Creator. It is a genuine merit to your relative who recently passed away; These merits are known to accrue to the soul after death. By the very act of reciting the Kaddish prayer, we affirm the belief that life beyond is eternal and that its recitation brings reward to the deceased.

Rose Hill price for this service is $720 a year for a parent and $180 dollars a month for a relative. Please consider this offer is one way to find comfort during this difficult period of time.

For more information please contact Heshie Monaghan, our Executive Director in the cemetery office at 303-288-1414

Price list - per person
All prices effective - February 1, 2016
Perpetual Care
Opening / Closing Grave$1,100
Ritual Washing$350
Rider Hearse
Shroud (Choice)
Israel Sand
Casket (Optional)
Coffin Delivery
Late Fee (Funeral held after 2:30pm)$250
Tahara Facility (Optional)$275