Rose Hill is an Orthodox Jewish cemetery operating since August 25, 1892 in Colorado. The cemetery serves all Jews throughout the Denver community, regardless of synagogue or temple affiliation.  Being buried at Rose Hill will require the deceased to have a Tahara, which is washing of the deceased and buried in one of our shrouds and in a kosher casket. The body must also have a rider accompany the deceased from the mortuary to the gravesite.

Executive Director: Heshi Monaghan

Board of Directors:

President: Benjamin Kasztl
Vice President: William Silverman, Esq.
Secretary: Madeline Slavin
Treasurer: Kenneth Saliman, CPA

Board Members:
Jason Cooper
Mel Engbar
Larry Fisher, M.D.
Sami Hazan
Steve Hutt – Immediate Past President
Noah Makovsky, M.D.
Avi Mehler
Miguel Mogyros, M.D.
Perry Nisson
Stephen Oxman, Esp
Scott Pringle
Terry Samuels, M.D.

Honorary Board Members:
Lester Gold Z”L
David Goldstein Z”L
Jack Greenwald, Esq.
Ralph “Reevie” Lemberg Z”L
Richard Saliman Z”L
Myer Schaffner

Office: Lottie Soble

Grounds Manager: Courtney D. Monaghan